The plan for 2020

this is the first of at least 366 podcasts or 2020. I’m looking for people to podcast with or to interview. The conversations with various people will cover various topics depending on the expertise of the other person. In some cases, there will be no questions prior to the conversation. The central theme is how to build a brand on social media. I will also be reacting to comments on my various social media accounts.

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The scientific method of enquiry

In this podcast, I talk about the importance of the scientific method of enquiry as the foundation for learning science. Many science educators skip this important topic but it’s crucial in helping students to understand how science is discovered instead of viewing it as a body of facts that must be remembered for exams and forgotten soon after. I think it motivates students to understand the scientific process.

Prepare your children for a future of entrepreneurship

As youngsters, we were never encouraged to start businesses after graduating. We were never educated on the concept of money and the economic. Our children see a future of entrepreneurship. They want to be social media influencers and YouTubers. But parents are oblivious to the business model of the Internet and soon Bitcoin. Children are already experimenting with virtual currencies on platforms such as Fortnite. Bitcoin will be native to them. They will wonder why we ever used paper money. Find out about the business model behind the Internet and Bitcoin and prepare your children for a future of entrepreneurship.