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Today I watched a few videos on YouTube. The first video was about podcasting whilst driving. I have always thought about the time I spend while going to university, work or any long trip, mostly if I’m alone in the car. Music is a natural choice for many people.

I moved from listening to music while driving, to podcasts and audiobooks. After a few years, I realised that I could no longer learn anything new from the podcasts and books. Most podcasters repeat the same ideas in different contexts. If you watch YouTube videos of authors promoting their books in interviews, you will be disappointed with the book because they have told you everything in the book before you read it. Listening to podcasts and watching YouTube videos before reading a book is not a good idea. I want to focus on podcasting, so the podcast is something I am willing to continue consuming. It helps me to keep track of new ideas in podcasting. I like podcasting because I can repurpose the podcast into a YouTube video and a blog post.

Anyone who can make podcasts should spend less time listening to podcasts unless preparing for a future host on a particular podcast. Youtube is also for research purposes if you are a podcaster, so is Facebook watch to some extent. Music is okay for occasions, not for blasting on the radio as you travel. I suppose for long journeys you might want to do so, but if you are a creator, its time you could spend creating actual content.

I also watched a video by Seth Godin, where he talks about productivity. He says that if you think that the content you are making is terrible, you should show us the wrong content. If you cannot display, it’s because you haven’t done any. In that case, you cannot say your content is terrible when you haven’t made any.

Seth explains why we have been brainwashed about where to put our energy, time, and focus. The human race has been experiencing disruption for over twenty years. We all have a microphone now, which means we are potentially all podcasters. The question is what we do with that microphone. You can be a force for good. You can share ideas or tell stories with that microphone. Seth says if its a hobby it’s for you and if it feels like work, then it’s for other people to whom it may be a hobby. You have to do something where you benefit from being yourself. Supposing you like debating, why not do that every day but record it so that you can share and convert it into a business that pays the bills. If you want to be a runner, you have to go running every day. To be a successful podcaster, you have to podcast every day. Seth blogs everyday. What can you do daily and enjoy it? Find ways to monetise that thing. Tom Bilyeu was interviewing Seth in the video. He warns against succumbing to our ‘psychological immune system’ which stops us pursuing the things that make us happy. Seth says that the hack is the hobby, not the something that brings you short term success.

Next, I watched a video about the gut microbiome and how it influences our food choices. The gut contains neurones and neural connections which control our thinking. The gut itself is nothing more than a massive bioreactor. About 2-3 kgs of the gut are just bacteria of all sorts. Each person has a unique microbiome. We produce 1-4 litres of gas daily we expose ourselves to microbes during or soon after birth. Antibiotics deplete the microbiota population in the gut because microbes make certain antibiotics toxic. The change in microbiome disrupts our eating habits and the way that we think. Stress has an impact on the gut microbiome—adrenaline and noradrenaline impact on microbiota. Gut microbes can also make you fat by affecting your food choices. Fast food is said to kill the microbes that make you thin. We can use gut microbes for gut microbe therapy.

I then watched a video where Simon Sinek talked about getting people to follow you as a leader. Simon warns that social media interactions trigger the same chemicals triggered when we take drugs like cocaine. Dopamine is one of these drugs and is very addictive. We have to be mindful of the effects of this on children.

Information is power. We can make consequential decisions based on the information that we consume. It is also essential to repurpose the information and share it with the people that listen to us.

That’s what I think. What do you think?

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