Transcribing my Podcast

Here is the transcript with no edits except my name: Hello there is Dereck again. So, I would really like to record a very short podcast, as an experiment of something which I think I might be doing from now on. So what I want to do is I want to record a podcast, and at the same time, I’m using a software called And I’m using this software to transcribe my voice. So, as I speak. My phone is right beside me. And the AI is transcribing what I’m saying, and reason being that I want to use that transcription. As a blog post. And obviously before I post the blog or I post it onto my blog. I will go through it with another application called And I will edit the text, before I finally send it over. But I think just having done this, it saves me a lot of time that I would have needed to write a whole blog. So, the whole purpose of this is to repurpose, my content, so that instead of having to record a podcast to a video. Write it a transcript or write a blog post from scratch, which I can all do but the problem is the time to do that. And once you start fighting for time. I think that’s where issues of procrastination. Begin. You begin to put things put things off because you just don’t have the time. But if all you have to do is speak, and as you speak you’re recording the podcast. And at the same time. An intelligent artificial intelligence is is really just transcribing, he was saying that you know days no need to stress over time, or the time to do these things. So yeah, it is a short podcast, but also an experiment at transcription, to see how good this platform is or this software, this really is almost three minutes now into the recording. So I’m just gonna stop the recording now, and I will talk to you about the results of this little experiment.

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